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Inbound Revenue Expert: Mark Kelly

The Mastermind Behind Inbound Revenue...

Mark has honed his skills in Google Ads, PPC, and digital marketing, earning him a reputation as a leading authority in the field. 

In this article, we delve into one of Tampa Bay's own - wealth of wisdom, as he shares his invaluable advice and tips for success. 

From the importance of persistence and continuous improvement, to the value of finding your own lane in the market, Mark's candid insights are sure to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and veteran business owners alike.

So buckle up, and get ready to learn as we spotlight Mark Kelly and his business, Inbound Revenue. 

Getting Into The World Of Entrepreneurship...

Mark Kelly's entrepreneurial journey began at a young age, influenced by his father's ownership of a computer business in the 1980s.

For a brief moment, he considered going to art school but quickly realized that the computer field was going to provide more opportunities in the long run. In doing so he witnessed the early days of the computer generation and pre-internet era.

After working at a few corporate gigs, Mark eventually transitioned to corporate IT management at a newspaper company. However, around 2008, something was telling him to start looking for something else. 

It was probably his entrepreneurial DNA, after all, entrepreneurship runs in his family. His father, uncle, and grandfather all own businesses. 

Now at this time, Mark already had started an e-commerce business on the side and was venturing more and more into marketing and running Google ads to support his side business. So when 2008 came around, he jumped onboard the Google PPC train. 

Fast forward to 2014 and after working on various project in the PPC world with various clients, Mark decided to open up shop under Inbound Revenue - a company that leverages Mark's expertise in Google Ads and his love of helping others.

Companies Need Leads To Thrive, Right?

As Mark puts it, companies need leads to thrive. This is where Inbound Revenue comes in. 

See, Google is uniquely positioned to capture leads at the exact moment when potential clients have a pain point and are actively searching for a solution. 

Mark's team solves the lead problem by leveraging Google Ads to connect their clients with their target audience in real-time. They also recognize that setting up Google Ads campaigns correctly can be challenging, with constant changes and optimization requirements so Mark's team of experts handles the complex behind-the-scenes work, ensuring that their clients' campaigns are set up for success. 

Whether it's helping direct clients who struggle with using the Google Ads interface or supporting agencies with Google Ads expertise, Inbound Revenue solves the problem of generating quality leads and optimizing PPC campaigns for success.

As the founder of a company, you can imagine the kind of challenges that Mark has to deal with. 

Shiny-Object Syndrome Is Real

Mark has realizes that being in the marketing space comes with its own set of challenges. 

Specifically, getting exposed to a lot of new ideas and opportunties that can be tempting to pursue. However, he's learned the importance of staying focused on his core services and honing in on what they excel at, instead of constantly chasing after the latest trends.

On top of that, Mark faces the challenge of Google's ever-changing platform. 

While Google offers powerful tools for marketing, it's not always easy to keep up with their updates and navigate their complex system. As Mark puts it "We often feel like we're in a constant battle with Google, as their representatives contact our clients frequently and sometimes make changes that impact our campaigns." 

Despite this, the team at Inbound Revenue strives to find ways to work effectively with Google and leverage the platform for their clients' benefit.

To address these challenges, like any seasoned business owner know, it's easier to solve problems with a team. Mark relies on his team for support but it also mindful of not overwhelming them with too many ideas and distractions. 

Between maintaining creativity as the founder of the organization and ensuring that their ideas are practical and sellable it vitally important for Marks success.

This involves working closely with his team to develop processes, understand market demand, and evaluate the feasibility of new services or packaging options.

In essence, it's about finding the right balance between innovation and practicality.

As the founder, Mark strives to maintain his creativity and drive while also keeping the team focused on our core strengths and strategic goals.

It's a constant process of refining and adapting, but it's essential for the success of his company in the dynamic and ever-evolving marketing landscape.

Why Call St. Pete Home?

Coming from Maryland and Pennsylvania, Mark was attracted to the warmth and vibrant atmosphere of the St. Pete area. 

After extensive research in different states, he found that St. Pete on the East Coast is the closest thing to San Diego, with its energetic vibe and business-friendly environment.

After exploring the area, including St. Pete, Clearwater, and Tampa, Mark felt revived by the opportunities for growth and local networking. 

As an agency owner, Mark looks forward to doing more work locally and connecting with real people in the community. He believes that St. Pete offers a wealth of business possibilities and is excited to be a part of this thriving community.

Tampa Bay Is Wide Open For Long-Term Opportunities 

As far as the future of business in Tampa Bay, Mark sees the climate as a field of gold with immense growth potential and a business-friendly mindset.

Compared to his previous experience in Maryland where growth was primarily government-driven, he finds the Tampa Bay area wide open for long-term opportunities. 

The local government is supportive of businesses, and Mark has found that many people from other areas wish they were here. He describes the region as a perfect blend of a vibrant party scene and thriving business opportunities, making it a truly unique and exciting place to be.

To be honest, we could agree more!

It's Still About People & Relationships 

Mark's biggest advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to be persistent and strive for continuous improvement.

He emphasizes that as an entrepreneur, the cycles of failure and success will occur frequently, but it's important to stay persistent and not give up.

He encourages entrepreneurs to focus on getting better every day and to remember that despite being involved in online or technical businesses, there are still people involved, and building relationships with clients, customers, and coworkers is crucial.

Mark also advises not to get too caught up in planning and courses, but to start taking action and follow the market demand. He believes that creating your own success in your own lane is key, and that entrepreneurship is an opportunity to do what you love and beat the grind of a traditional job.

Mark's personal experience of leaving a corporate job to pursue entrepreneurship has taught him the value of enjoying what you do and taking control of your own destiny.

Connect With Mark!

We would like to thank Mark for giving us insight into his business and his journey. 

If you'd like to know more about Mark, his company Inbound Revenue, or his services, we invite you to follow and connect with him.

 Mark can be easily reached at inboundrevenue.com or on Facebook.

Take Mark's advice to heart and embark on your entrepreneurial journey with determination and a growth mindset, knowing that success is within reach with the right mindset and strategies!

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