Tampa Bay Masterminds, Inc is a 501(c)(3) Entrepreneur Support Organization in Tampa Bay, Florida.

June 20th – The Art of Storytelling & Pitching Your Startup

Masterminds Tampa

Join us on June 20th, 2019 from 7-9PM at The Attic Cafe (500 E Kennedy Blvd, 4th Floor)

Masterminds share their experiences with pitching their startups and creating and delivering an amazing story! 


Jennifer Samuel-Chance

Mastermind Jennifer Samuel-Chance uses her 19 years of experience as an international speaker and storytelling coach to show entrepreneurs, sales and leadership professionals how to get prospects to say yes! 

Laura Fiorella Egocheaga

Mastermind Laura Fiorella Egocheaga runs a popular growth hacking agency called Divibe Tech and is a local influencer that has plenty of experience pitching at conferences and competitions. 

She’s been a speaker at Disrupt PR and has a lot of value to provide about personal branding and pitching a startup.

Bonus: We’ll take turns simulating a pitch event, but instead of real ideas, we’ll use crazy ideas. If you can sell a crazy idea, you can sell your startup!