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Gold Sponsors @ Synapse Summit 2023

Synapse Summit 2023

Hey Masterminds!

We have some good news AND some bad news.

Your profile photo probably sucks.

Ever wonder why you just don’t get the attention you want online?

It’s probably your messaging that needs work, but your profile photo is even more important.

Remember, people look at YOU before ever reading your messages.

In most cases, you’ll meet people online before you meet them in person. Why would you want a bad first impression?

I dont know about you but when someone with a bad profile photo contacts me, I think they’re just not serious enough to respond to.

Bad profile photos include:
🤳 Selfies
📸Mirror shots
👪Family photo
🍹Drink in hand
😐Wrong facial expression

We’re officially GOLD SPONSORS of the event alongside TGH, USF Muma and other juggernauts in the Tampa Bay area.

That means that VIP pass holders may get a professional headshot courtesy of Esquire PhotosSynapse Florida and Masterminds Tampa Bay.

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