Tampa Bay Masterminds, Inc is a 501(c)(3) Entrepreneur Support Organization in Tampa Bay, Florida.

September 19th – Masterminds Social @ The Attic Cafe

It’s about time the Masterminds got together to chill. Dinner and drinks will be available. Venue is reserved for members.

We’ll be hanging out from 7pm-8pm and whoever would like to stay for the guest speaker is more than welcome.

Starting around 8pm, Blockspaces will have Roger Grimes talk to us about the Quantum Day of Reckoning and How It Impacts Blockchain

Quantum computing is getting ready to break all traditional public key crypto, like RSA and Diffie-Hellman, and every secret it protects. This means that digital certificates, PKI, TLS, VPNs, Wi-Fi networks, and even most crypto-currencies are left unprotected in an instant. The only question is when it will happen. Many experts think it’s sooner than you think. How will quantum impact blockchain? Does it break most blockchains, and if so, how?

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